Dual Diagnosis Treats the Real Cause of Addiction

Substance abuse is nothing new to society and persons will turn to drugs and alcohol for several reasons. Substance abuse and addiction go hand in hand because when a person starts depending on drugs or alcohol too much then they become addicted and it is difficult for them to simply stop and return to their life before the addiction occurred. Sometimes there are underlying mental causes to why a person became an addict and in this case dual diagnosis rehab would be beneficial.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis emerged about 20 years ago and even though it is still not completely understood by the medical world, it is very effective. Dual diagnosis refers to the practice that treats patients based on the fact that they suffer from both an addiction as wells as a psychiatric disorder.Read the news from:http://www.readingeagle.com/news/article/recovering-addicts-defend-berks-countys-spending-on-drug-treatment

Dual diagnosis has been proven successful because it aims at dealing with the underlying problem of the addiction so that a patient can have the most lasting recovery possible. The alcohol and drug problems tend to occur together frequently with depression, personality disorders, schizophrenia or anxiety disorders. In most cases the mental disorder would occur first which would then lead the person to substance abuse.

Basic Principles of Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis rehab treatment is offered and includes several different options that can be utilised. There are several things that should be taken into consideration when dual diagnosis is being considered as a treatment option:

● It is expected that there may be co-occurring disorders and this is welcomed.

● The patient receives treatment from doctors and nurses in an attitude of empathy and hope and a commitment that care will continuously be provided to them throughout the entire process of recovery.

● No same treatment applies to more than one patient; treatment is to be individualised and is based on the patient’s specific circumstance, their level of functionality along with other factors.

● Staff who are treating patients with the dual diagnosis method are to receive training in both mental health and substance abuse treatment.

● Staff should adjust the treatment plan based on the patient; patients with mental disorders may be less likely to readily accept treatment and the treatment should only continue when the patient is ready and accepts that they need help.

● Patients are to receive counselling, substance abuse education and well as psychotherapy.

● There should be aftercare programs in place to provide continued support and to prevent relapse.

The Real Cause of Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Real Cause of Addiction

The real cause of addiction is harder to decipher than expected. No two addicts are the same and will turn to substance abuse for different reasons; circumstances may be similar but their mental makeup is completely different. Therefore the real cause of addiction is different for each patient. Dual diagnosis rehab is successful because it addresses the underlying cause of addiction in each person.

There are numerous rehab centers in Florida that may offer the dual diagnosis treatment as an option along with the conventional methods of rehabilitation.

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