Types Of Intervention For Substance Abuse

Substance abuse and addiction can result in many long-term difficulties for drug users. What begins as a recreational habit can continue to plague users throughout their lives. Job losses, medical bills and death are just a few things on the list of consequences. In order to save someone from these consequences, it is necessary for outsiders to intervene in one way or another.

What Is an Intervention?

Some people try to kick a habit by going cold turkey. This term simply means that they try to stop all at once and go on without the substance or behavior to which they have become addicted.
Anyone who has ever taken a liking to soda or coffee knows how hard it can be to quit something to which you had become accustomed. This difficulty is multiplied many times when the underlying substance is an illegal narcotic.

An intervention is a way for people to help the person who is suffering. At the very least, an intervention may consist of friends getting together to show support for the person in his or her struggles with a substance addiction. It may go so far as to involve medical professionals, a substitute opioid and time spent in a detox center.

Why Are Interventions Necessary?

Relapse is a common event after someone tries to quit a drug habit. While smoking tobacco is technically legal, it creates an excellent example of why interventions are necessary for illegal drug use.
Most smokers who try to quit will end up relapsing at least once. These substances cause physical changes to a person’s body and alters brain chemistry which make enduring without the substances extremely difficult and even painful in many cases.

Without some form of outside assistance many people are not only at risk of relapse. They can actually suffer physical harm from simply trying to go cold turkey. Opiate dependence is a good example. Cold quitting this sort of drug can actually cause physical reactions which can harm or even kill addicts.

Types of Interventions

• Informal

Every substance has a different pull about it. Every person has his or her own reaction to withdrawal. In some cases, a person may be able to quit a habit with some emotional support from friends. They may manifest this support by gathering to show their support or simply contributing to the person’s struggle with companionship during the roughest moments of a self-managed detox.read more here!

• Psychotherapy

Plenty of people need professional help to quit a substance, especially when you are talking about the most powerful narcotics out there. Many of these are manufactured to generate addictions. Various forms of psychotherapy, such as talk therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy, can aid a person in their psychological struggle to resist the call of their particular substance.

• Medication

Many times, it is not enough to receive emotional or psychological support while undergoing withdrawal from a particular substance. Some drugs, such as those derived from opium, have such a strong effect on a person’s metabolism that simply quitting cold turkey can actually hurt the person.

It is not a matter of simply resisting internal urges to use the drug. The sudden removal of the drug can cause physical damage and even risk severe effects such as heart attacks or strokes.

Substance Abuse

In such cases, addicts can resort to substitute drugs such as methadone or others. These drugs, administered properly, can supply some of the same internal needs of the addict without causing euphoria. Administration of these drugs must be done carefully because they can cause their own addictions if misused.get more info from:http://www.theherald-news.com/2015/10/20/joliet-d-204-partners-with-substance-abuse-treatment-provider/a1ur985/

Overcoming drug addiction is difficult but not impossible with the right kind of help. Proper intervention can make it possible for someone to survive drug addiction and return to a normal life.

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